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Successful 2017 New Year Feast

Date:2018-01-30 14:10

New year is coming. In the new year we will have new targets and new hope.

On 27th Jan 2018, Shanghai Supore Instruments Co.,Ltd held the new year feast at Oriental Holiday Villa.

Before the feast, under the leadership of general manager Huang Xiaobo, managers of each department made conclusion of previous year

and plans for new year.

Also they made decisions to struggle harder for new year so as to improve themselves.



In order to acknowledge the support of high-quality customers, in order to fully reflect the nice cooperation with excellent suppliers, in order to

effectively motivate outstanding employees and establish a model company, the annual feast have given prize for high-quality customers,

quality suppliers, advanced collectives and individuals!




Annual feast starts with speech of Chairman Zhu Yongjin. On behalf of all top managers of company, Chairman Zhu appreciates all employees

effort in past year and encourages everyone to work together to re-create brilliant.


It is great moment for all Supore members.

All Supore members are not only good at their work, but also having many talents and interests, with exciting songs, performances and dances.

In the meantime we also held a lucky draw event, so that leads to the climax of the annual feast, filled with festive everywhere, laughter all over

the venue every corner.




Top managers also proposed toast to all employees and thank their hard working.



The feast end up at the exciting performances and happy toast to each other. All Supore members will keep on working with new hopes.



All members of Shanghai Supore Instruments Co.,Lt wish all the friends a happy new year and all the best! 


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